Meet the Artist

Hi, my name is Walanya!

(Pronounced: Wa-lawn-yuh. AKA Wallie)

I am a self-proclaimed “serial hobbyist.” I’ve always loved crafts and DIY projects and have dabbled in a little bit of everything. When I discovered the immense joy of working with polymer clay, I knew I had found "my thing" and that it was something much more than just a hobby— it’s a passion. I fell in love with working with polymer clay and started Love, Hand + Heart in 2019.

Each creation you see is made with lots of love by hand with ideas and good intentions from my heart. Truly handmade and heartmade. 

I’ve grown so much with Love, Hand + Heart and am so thankful to have such a fun creative outlet. It is the greatest joy to create empowering pieces of art for you all. 

I love creating bright, bold, whimsical pieces for everyone. I believe that we can and should be all the things we want to be. I want everyone to feel seen, adored, and celebrated for all the things that make us unique and special. 

I hope when you wear a pair of Love, Hand + Heart earrings, you feel the confidence to shine your brightest each and every day.

Wishing you all the joy, love, luck, and MAGIC you DESERVE. Be your loudest, proudest, shiniest self possible. 


Walanya Vongsvirates

Love, Hand + Heart Mission: 

I aim to empower others through my wearable art so that they can show up in life as their best, most vibrant selves.

To some, earrings are just an accessory, to me they are a piece of empowerment I can put on to elevate my confidence and show up in life as the most authentic version of myself. I hope you feel that feeling when you put on a pair of Love, Hand + Heart earrings.

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